Essay Topics

Acceptable Essay Topics

Great essay topics are memorable, creative and original. Before you start writing your essay, you need to take some time to come up with a fresh and intriguing topic. Here are some of the approaches you can use to come up with interesting essay topics.

  • Stories: If you are writing an application essay. Stories can be a great approach. Stories are great because they allow your personality, challenges, and beliefs to come across interestingly. It is easier to come up with essay topics for college when you are writing a story you are really familiar about.
  • Diversity: Diversity is also a great idea for essay topics for college. For this essay, you will need to discuss what makes you unique and what unique factors and characteristic you are going to bring to the school. However, it is important to know that diversity is more than race. Your diversity explanation needs to be persuasive enough to earn you a spot in the school.
  • Influences: This is one of the best essay topics for college. In this type of essay, you discuss what influences you to aspire to be more. It can be a person, organization or cause. You need to write about how the person, cause or organization has influenced you and some of the actions you have taken to be better.

Things to Avoid When Coming Up With Essay Writing Topics

When brainstorming to come up with essay writing topics, it is important to avoid some common mistakes. First, avoid repetitiveness. If there is any information, you have included in another part of your application. Do not mention it in your topic or anywhere n your essay. Repeating information makes your essay sound less interesting and redundant.

It is also important to avoid being one-sided. When deciding on which school essay topics to use, it is also important to avoid discussing very controversial topics. If the reader has a different opinion, it might affect how they perceive your paper.

Negativity is also a common mistake you should avoid. If you are writing an application essay, it is very important to avoid sharing information that may make the admission team view you negatively. For instance, if you have overcome drugs and alcohol, this might not be the right thing to write about. Write an essay free of all things that might be viewed negatively.

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